Trademark Protection

We understand that our clients’ trademarks and brands are business assets.  Unpredictable legal fees should not diminish their return on investment and value. We partner with our clients to develop competitive fees, including alternative fee arrangements, that provide efficiency and predictability. For example, we offer many of our trademark services at a fixed or flat fee rate, including the following:

(starting at $700): A properly conducted clearance search and analysis is vital. It identifies potentially conflicting marks and helps you decide whether to use and/or file an application for registration of a trademark. It provides you the opportunity to modify or change your mark before you spend too many resources on branding and can save you money by foregoing filing applications that are likely to be rejected.

(starting at $775, inclusive of governmental and attorneys fees): Our trademark application flat fees include pre-filing counseling on identification of goods/services, appropriate samples of use (specimens), and other filing information. We work with our clients to help ensure a properly drafted application, which is crucial to secure the rights you need and provide you with the broadest protection possible.

(starting at $500, inclusive of governmental and attorneys fees): Trademark protection does not stop with obtaining a registration for your trademark. The owner must file specific maintenance documents to avoid cancellation or expiration of the registration. We assist clients with navigating complicated trademark maintenance requirements in the U.S. to help ensure continued protection of their mark.

We provide high-quality trademark services at highly competitive rates regardless of the fee arrangement. We have the experience to create comprehensive trademark strategies that balance real-world needs with budget realities. We take the time to understand how each client’s trademarks fit into their business strategy and their marketplace. This insight enables us to provide tailored, sound, cost-effective solutions for protecting and policing our clients’ brand assets.

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Trade Dress Protection &

Trade dress refers to the overall image or look and feel of a product or service that distinguishes it from those of others. We assist clients in protecting the goodwill and value that they have developed in their trade dress.
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Trademark and
Brand Management

The effective management of a company’s trademarks and brands is essential to its success. We understand the considerations for effective management of a company’s trademarks and help clients manage and capitalize on their trademarks and brands worldwide.
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Trademark Oppositions
and Cancellations

When a client’s trademark rights are threatened, we act quickly to protect those rights, including through trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop opposition and cancellation strategies that are in line with their overall goals and needs.
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Trademark Protection

We understand that our clients’ trademarks and brands are some of their most valuable assets.  We work with clients to identify, secure, and protect these valuable assets around the globe.
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Trademark Licensing &

We use our transactional know-how to develop strategies that maximize the value of our clients’ trademarks, and regularly negotiate and draft trademark licenses, co-existence agreements, co-branding agreements, and similar agreements to effectuate those strategies.
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Trademark Infringement

Our knowledge and skills enable us to respond quickly and effectively to defend our clients’ trademark rights and protect their interests in a manner that avoids as much disruption to a client’s business as possible.
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Trademark Registration &

Our trademark selection, clearance, and registration services help clients establish and maintain domestic and international brand identity. We also assist clients in preserving valuable trademark assets through portfolio maintenance.
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Right of Publicity

We provide strategic counsel on the development and protection of clients’ rights of publicity, including third-party use of their personas, names, and images, and provide guidance on how to maintain and enforce such rights.
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Trademark Portfolio
Enforcement & Policy

Proactively and effectively protecting and enforcing a company’s valuable trademarks and brands is critical. We assist clients in ongoing, proactive policing and enforcement to protect their trademarks from abuse and infringement.
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Working closely with our clients, we develop and implement targeted, proactive anti-counterfeiting strategies and countermeasures to help prevent and combat counterfeiting.
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Your domain name is a valuable asset.  We assist clients facing cybersquatting issues and help clients to prevent and address misuse their domain names.
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UDRP Domain Name Proceedings

A UDRP proceeding is a quick, less-costly method for trademark owners to challenge an infringing domain name registration. We obtain relief for clients seeking to protect their trademark rights through UDRP proceedings.
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